SMSCaster E- Marketer All Editions February 2007

Bulk SMS Text Messaging Software for Mobile marketing!

     SMSCaster E-Marketer is bulk SMS, text messaging sender
     software for marketing. It differs from other SMS software by
     sending SMS directly with a mobile phone, GSM modem or cell
     terminal. Therefore, no SMS gateway is required for sending SMS.
     Designed for broadcasting bulk SMS, SMSCaster E-Marketer has
     many features you will find useful. Its project files can be saved
     and opened later for different Marketing Campaigns. Each
     project consists of Compose, Contacts, Outbox and Sent:
     Compose – A user friendly SMS editor to edit your SMS
     message. It supports GSM 7-bit, 8-bit and UCS2 16-bit
     character encoding. It will determine the appropriate encoding for
     you while you are typing. Other options like Long SMS and
     Flash SMS are supported.
     Contacts – Built-in contact list manages recipients’ name and
     phone numbers. Existing data can be imported into the contact
     list easily. There are five user defined fields to store extra
     information. All of them can be used as data source for SMS mail
     merge, a way to personalize each copy of SMS message.
     Outbox – Allow you to have a final check on the outgoing SMS
     before you press the Start button.
     Sent – Stores all sent SMS for your reference.
     Since SMS is fast and cost effectiveness, messages like
     promotion, reminder and statement are well suited to be delivered
     by using SMSCaster E-Marketer.
     There is no huge investment and hidden cost in using SMSCaster
     E-Marketer. Just use your existing computer and mobile phone,
     with connection options of USB data cable, Bluetooth or Infra red,
     you are equipped with a powerful marketing weapon.
     There is no other quicker and easier way to contact your
     customer than using SMS. In this mobile age, people like to
     receive SMS messages and think it’s cool. When they get your
     SMS message, they deal with it immediately and they carry
     around your messages with their mobile devices wherever they



Softwares are:

smscaster cdma setup.exe

smscaster enterprise setup.exe

smscastersetup standard.exe

password = ihack.wordpress



Do You have to give Dhiraagu & Wataniya money for everything?

Almost everyone will know what I am about to tell you now… but just have to remind them about this.

As i have seeen now there are lots and lots of things now adays which require you to send a reply or get enrolled via sms. like:

1. TV and Radio Programs

2. Luck draws

3. Political things

Have you ever thought about it?

The next thing you see at the end of the sms is “pass”

most of them doesn’t bother to read it and see if its true or not.

As you can see nowadays its almost all politics. no one care to check if its a true story or not. just pass it to everyone in there contact list.

i have like total of 222 contacts in my list at the moment. not all Mobile numbers for sure so ill assume that its like 150 or 170 mobile numbers.

RF 0.20 per sms local

If im sending for 170 that means RF 34.00

But most of the times the sms are written in latin that means its like they are splitted into 2sms so do that maths.  34.00 x2 EACH time….
Then i hear people say.. these service providers are eating money… WHAT THE HELL GUYS, U GUYS ARE FEEDING THEM. ….

just think before you add all of your contacts to Forward sms & just think about how true or false the sms you are forwarding is…

Dhiraagu Blocking Rapidshare or are they BLACKLISTED????…

It’s been a long time since I have been having rapidshare problems. Say like 3 -5 months.

There are two problems I face

1. Sometimes I cant access rapidshare.com site even

2. The download speed sucks big-time

I have talked to rapidshare support team and even Dhiraagu.

Both of them deny that they have any filters or any limitations applied

I have a premium rapidshare account I shouldn’t be having any limitations from their end.

My best guess here is it’s a problem with dhiraagu. And this is why I say that

1. The times I cant access rapidshare site I can access it through a proxyserver

2. When its damn slow I can make it faster through a proxy

Is Dhiraagu IPs blocked or blacklisted by rapidshare?

Is Dhiraagu trying to save there bandwidth by keeping us in the dark

Below are the screen shots.

Rapidshare users out there please give me your feedback

Please let me know what you guys think…