Fonts Collection lots of fonts (Dhivehi & Arabic)


hi again….

i guess today is a Dhivehi day… 😛

iv got few fonts like 119 items which are Dhivehi and Arabic. almost all the fonts used by us are in this file.

WinXP/Vista/Win7 supported fonts also included.

size= 2.46 MB

u will need winrar to open it and if u dont have it u can download it from

this file is password protected the password =



21 responses to “Fonts Collection lots of fonts (Dhivehi & Arabic)

  1. Thanks alot. this is what i was been looking almost whole day.
    I just extract it and paste it in control panel/fonts folder and works perfect.
    thanks again

  2. u know i really appreciate this . it has helped me iin many ways so thanxs for the upload. but if can make this support for vista and seven then it would be really great.
    thanxs again

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